Michael Afonso: How a Portrait Photographer Went Pro

Thinking of going pro? Want to know what it takes? Michael Afonso shares his story.

Right away I’d say most of my portraits were just trial and error with nothing I was really comparing myself to. I was just having fun with my camera and learning what lenses would work with certain situations. It was fun but I wasn’t learning that much. Eventually I started browsing flickr and other photography sources. I ended up finding a lot of individual artists who inspired me.

Sebastião Salgado’s Advice For Young Photographers Today

A brief history of Sebastião start in photography and philosophy.

Sebastião Salgado’s is a true inspiration, whenever he has something to say people should listen. Great advice in here for all photographers.

Photo by Kevin Scanlon

Photo by Kevin Scanlon

If you’re young and have the time, go and study. Study anthropology, sociology, economy, geopolitics. Study so that you’re actually able to understand what you’re photographing. What you can photograph and what you should photograph.

How Nicholas Goodden a London Photographer Got 70,000 Followers on Twitter

Creating an audience is a fundamental part of you photography business and twitter should be part of all photographers strategies. In this interview Nicholas Goodden shares how he established his audience

We’ve gone past the days of sales techniques where you cold call people and you twist people’s arm to come and see what you’re doing. You’ve got to dig a little bit fur- ther and make people first like you and trust you, and people think of you as someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. That’s what I try and do.