Jorge Cervera Hauser: Capturing Compelling Underwater Photos

Great images and interview with underwater photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser over at The Phoblographer

Jorge shoots beautiful images of sharks, dolphins, turtles, alligators and so many more animals under the seas. He’s always had an affinity for documenting things and so it meshed well with his love of adventure underwater.

How Famous Street Photographers Got Over Their Fear of Shooting on the Street Read

Some people can do it, some people can! It can be a struggle to do street photography but for many the rewards are worth it. Here are the stories of three famous street photographer and their top tips for street photography.

The world isn’t such a bad evil place like the media portrays. Everyone with a camera isn’t necessarily a terrorist either. The first step to feel confident in taking photos is knowing you are not doing anything wrong.

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Author: Julius Motal

How I Make Money as a Travel Photographer in 2015

"No not me unfortunately, I am still starting out on my journey!" - Martin

This is a revealing interview with Brendan van Son, 30, who for the last 5+ years has been a successful travel journalist.  Here he shares how he lives, works and makes his living as a successful travel photographer today. 

In general, I abide by what I call “The Octopus” approach to income generation. After 2 years trying to make it in traditional journalism, I realized that as a freelancer you need to try to have your hands in as many different pots as possible to survive.

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Author: Brendan van Son

Sebastião Salgado: The silent drama of photography

One of my greatest photographic inspirations is Sebastião Salgado. I love his large scale photographs and long term projects that I find genuinely moving. He is one of the best living photo journalists of our age.

Here, he tells a deeply personal story of the craft that nearly killed him, and shows breathtaking images from his latest work, Genesis, which documents the world's forgotten people and places.

Although from a few years ago this is one not to be missed.

Economics PhD Sebastião Salgado only took up photography in his 30s, but the discipline became an obsession. His years-long projects beautifully capture the human side of a global story that all too often involves death, destruction or decay.

Interview with Sebastião Salgado at TED

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Krystle Wright on Telling Stories with Your Adventure Photography

Using her breadth of knowledge of photojournalism from her Agence France-Presse and Sunday Telegraph newspaper days, Krystle’s images weave together, depicting the full experience of what it’s like to be exploring different lands

I refused to wait for someone to come knocking on my door as I knew I needed to create opportunities for my work. The beauty about expeditions is that they are unique trips that provide incredible opportunities for different imagery and I am the only photographer there.

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Author: Sarah Jacons

A Passion for Africa: Interview with Award-Winning Wildlife Photog Morkel Erasmus

Morkel Erasmus is an award-winning wildlife photographer based out of South Africa. He has an abiding passion for his country and its animals, which comes out in his beautiful photography that is perhaps best described as ‘intimate'.

I love working in monochrome as it just adds a timeless mood to wildlife photography. It forces our colour-weary eyes (bombared with Technicolor TV and vibrant printed advertisements and billboards all day) to focus back to the basics of form, line, texture, light and mood.