Michael Afonso: How a Portrait Photographer Went Pro

Thinking of going pro? Want to know what it takes? Michael Afonso shares his story.

Right away I’d say most of my portraits were just trial and error with nothing I was really comparing myself to. I was just having fun with my camera and learning what lenses would work with certain situations. It was fun but I wasn’t learning that much. Eventually I started browsing flickr and other photography sources. I ended up finding a lot of individual artists who inspired me.

Twelve posing cues from twelve incredible photographers

As I currently running some personal projects on portrait work I often wonder how other photographer approach this. Seeing how others work often brings inspiration.

there is one area that I have always found fascinating and very insightful, posing cues and communication. Regardless of where I am or have been in my career, I have always found it incredibly insightful to see how other professional photographers communicate and pose their clients.