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MS Newsletter Edition 2, July 2019
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Preparations for my photographic exhibition "Out of the Grey" at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge are well underway. With three new prints being added to the collection there is much to be excited about.

In advance of the exhibition I am delighted to share this exclusive preview of "Fearless" with you.

For a larger image use this link direct to a hidden area on my website (works best on large screens):

Fearless Picture


Chinstrap Penguins (Pygoscelis antarcticus)– Cierva Cove, Antarctica

The waves endlessly pound the rocks as the penguins advance towards the edge, the surf often enveloping them completely. They momentarily stop, judging the best moment to proceed and then launch themselves like missiles into the vast freezing ocean. Occasionally they pause a little longer to observe their primary nemesis - a hunting leopard seal stalking nearby, but they do not falter. Godspeed fearless ones!

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Taken in February this year in Cierva Cove, Antarctica, the primary challenge in capturing this photo was keeping the subjects correctly framed. This was made exceedingly difficult by the amount of movement, not just of the penguins but also of our Zodiac which was constantly being thrown around in every conceivable dimension by the waves. Our driver and fantastic expedition leader, Kaylan, worked tirelessly to keep the boat in position as I fired off hundreds of shots of the penguins diving into the ocean. Out of all the of photos taken that afternoon this is the most dynamic and my clear favourite.


Taken with my trusty Canon 1DX II and Canon 100-400L II at 1/4000th second (ISO 1250) to ensure the action was frozen and a f-stop of 7.1 to create sufficient depth of field to ensure all the penguins were in focus.

With a focal length of just 140mm I was very close to the action indeed.

If you have any questions at all please contact me directly using one of the links at the end of the newsletter.

A special thanks to my mum and dad who had opted to come along in the same Zodiac as me and for their patience for the hours we spent being bounced around that afternoon together.

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