Elephants of Amboseli

Final Attempt_elephants_layered_5noise_X0R4543.jpg
Final Attempt_elephants_layered_5noise_X0R4543.jpg

Elephants of Amboseli

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Elephants (Loxodonta africana) - Amboseli National Park, Kenya

There are times when all the photographic rules need to be broken: This photo is taken with the sun high in the sky, beating down on the elephants. Mount Kilimanjaro appearing from behind the clouds does not simply complement the elephants but magnifies their presence and glory. As the elephants walk toward the edge of the image, they are in search of an ever-decreasing water supply and are moving towards an ever-more insecure future. I hope that in the future this will be a celebration of elephants and not a distant memory.

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